we’re big believers in looking after your lips, whatever the season. cold weather can cause lips to dry out and chap, making winter the time to pay extra attention to keeping lips healthy.

with Blistex, your lips can conquer the cold.

poor old lips

it’s not their fault. It’s just that your lips are thinner than the rest of your skin and have far less glands. there’s no melanin to protect them from rays of sunshine either.

unprotected when you’re out and about, or battling with air con and central heating indoors, lips need moisture.

when your lips become dry, cracked, sore or infected, show them some tender loving care and attention.

bring back the love

there are a few ways to make sure your lips get the moisture they need in cold weather.

drink plenty of water. perhaps the simplest cure there is and one we’ve all heard before. hydration is key to preventing lips from cracking so grab your water bottle. if you prefer not to drink cold water in the depths of winter, try a healthy hot water with a cleansing twist of lemon.

moisturise. using Blistex Intensive Moisturiser will bring deep rehydration to lips. we’ve combined shea butter to condition, camphor to soothe and allantoin to add a layer of protection. apply as ofen as you like to keep lips sweet and soft.

don’t lick your lips. it’s tempting when your lips feel dry but you’re actually making things worse. keeping your Blistex handy will help to squash the urge and give lips the kind of moisture that does them good.

ski, sun, lips

if you’re off on a skiing trip over winter, put Blistex at the top of your packing list. The combination of wind, sun and cold on lips can be intense, so be prepared.

make sure you’ve got sunscreen with a high spf for your face, Ultra (with SPF 50) to protect your lips and a scarf to protect any exposed skin on your neck.

if you start to get a burning feeling on your skin, it could be windburn. steer clear of hot showers and drinks and apply moisture to your face and lips.

with over 70 years of experience, we know that when the cold hits it’s time to take lips seriously. Blistex is here to help you do just that.