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Blistex Relief Cream.

Blistex Relief Cream has a soothing and protective formula to relieve cracked, chapped and sore lips leaving them feeling soft again.

it also helps relieve the discomfort of occasional cold sores on the lips.

Blistex Relief Cream is a medicine for chapped lips. always read the label.

if your lips are cracked and chapped, apply every hour. your lips are more sensitive during extreme weather conditions, so you may need a little more care than normal.

for cold sores - when first symptoms arise, gently apply every hour to rapidly relieve any discomfort.

do not use if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients listed below.
active ingredients w/w: aromatic ammonia solution6.04%, strong ammonia solution 0.10%, liquefied phenol 0.494%. also contains: white soft paraffin, modified lanolin, sorbitan palmitate, polysorbate 40, peppermint oil, sodium saccharin, ethanol 96%, racemic camphor, cineole, purified water. this cream also contains lanolin which may cause local skin reactions. (e.g, contact dermatitis).


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